Our mission

Mission, Conviction and Goals of the Foundation


The Mission of Carcinogenesis Foundation is to contribute to global efforts to understand genesis of cancers in order to prevent and cure them through Research and Education by fostering Community Participation and partnership.


Carcinogenesis foundation believes that breakthroughs in cure for cancer is possible by Prevention, Research, Innovation, Medicines and Education


    • Educate communities on cancer prevention.
    • Provide latest information to public on cancers, early detection, risk factors, carcinoprevention and advances in treatment
    • Establish collaborations with international organizations and to create repositories of clinical samples for use in research that contributes to understanding of the carcinogenesis process.
    • Promote research that identifies cancer-promoting genes that are dormant under native environmental conditions but can be activated by factors of altered environmental conditions.
    • Promote research that identifies genetic differences that result in unique ethnic-specific responses to environmental signals leading to carcinogenesis and have a role in ethnicity specific cancer treatment.
    • Promote research that identifies natural products and diets that have cancer preventing and cancer curing properties
    • To involve youth and local communities in cancer prevention education and awareness activities